Friday, February 16, 2001

I've been working diligently on the new site layout....but ya know what, I need a freakin' break. And I've decided to no longer use blogger, because it comes with ads. Well you could actually get rid of them...I'm just too lazy to find out how. Pitas on the other hand does not. I haven't gotten my "password" I'm anticipating that so I could further the process of creating the new layout. The same goes for my account. Dammit I thought it would be all speedy and shit like signing up for a hotmail account.

What a way to spend a friday night huh? The first Friday in a long time where I DON'T have any homework. Well since I'm nerdy, and that I really want to do good in APUSH, I'll attempt studying for the objective test on Tuesday. I really need to get out of here. Preferably to Rubios cuz I am in DIRE need of fish tacos.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Andrea, you've instilled a newfound motivation to actually blog this week. Which hasn't really been my week. I think it all started when I missed 3 problems (or more) on my Math quiz. Freakish I know, but I'm that type of person. I'm a perfectionist, if something doesn't go as planned, I may freak out. I mean I'm not a perfectionist to the extent that I must turn the bathroom light on in the middle of the night if I have to take a whizz.Then after that, I found that my holepuncher was missing...I can't go a day without my trusty hole puncher! And then, there's the feeling of inadequacy in me. Jinra, miss perfectionist feeling inadequate? No not the usual I'm inadequate in the chest area...but more of the brains area. Apparently this week, I've seen a different, deeper than the ocean, intellectual side of *Bob. Have you ever had that feeling that you just felt so LITTLE compared to someone's intellect? Like you listen to the one you admire most, and you just DON'T have anything to say that would actually sound SMART? So in a nutshell, I feel really stupid. I lack wit, wisdom, intellect...etc etc etc. Then on top of that, my AP history teacher pulls me aside to tell me that I did not do real well on my essay test. DOH MAH. What the hell man, I usually don't do well on those things anyways! So big effin' deal! Oh and remember that whole track deal? I find it to be completely and utterly A WASTE OF MY DAMN TIME. I don't love it as much as I do basketball, so there's just no chemistry between me and the sport.

I need to get out of the slump I'm in. PS. I just realized that I have to study for history and chemistry tests tomorrow. God bless this week.

Monday, February 12, 2001

I know my father was weird.

My brother and I were doing homework near each other, and out curiousity I picked up his 7th Spelling book and compared it to the words I have out of 10th Grade English Honors.

My Bro's 7th Grade Private School English Spelling Words

My Public School Honors English Spelling List

The American Education system is a TRIP.
Because I'm a neurotic obsessed hormone raging16 year old, I felt that a picture of my husband should grace this post.

You like Drea?
Ahh to be home on a rainy day, how therapeutic is that? Get me a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa!

Man it's only 11:30, I love how slowly the day goes by. I'm trying to read history and do my homework and downloading as many mp3s as I can. My dad is really buying my excuse to stay online so long. He even wants to get a CD burner this week. Go Dad! My goal for today is to be productive....and see I'm already doing my history homework...but at my own pace.

I really have this bad craving for fish tacos from Rubios. I also must acquire the Coldplay CD. Must get must get must get! I need MONEY!

Slowly but surely I've started work on the layout as well. But I told myself today that it would at the end of my list of Things To Do...cuz ya know, gotta be productive and all. Ahhh someone hit me with a productive brick.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

JelloShotJunkie: what i wanna know is, if we can honor just one president for one holiday, why honor the other 42(?) then we'd have at least a month off
JelloShotJunkie: why not honor
eyeLUSTyou: haha...oh i'd love to honor bill clinton for such a marvelous job
eyeLUSTyou: (blow) job!
eyeLUSTyou: muahahahahhahaha....!
JelloShotJunkie: MUAHAHAHA LOL
Good lord. My dad is watching some Miss Californian Asian Woman pageant or some shit like that on 18. " Hi my name is Li Lee, I'm sponsored by Kikoman Soy Sauce. I have really pale skin, and I have NO ASS. Not to mention, I'm 4'9". I plan to go to UCI because my father is a doctor and he's paying everything for me. Teeheee! *ridiculous techno music in backgroun*". God I love making fun of my own kind.

Yeah I'm really bored, cuz I'm posting in this like every 2 seconds. Maybe I should work on the very much anticipated new layout I have in store. Or maybe I should actually do homework....procrastination. Gotta love it!
Of The Week..
food: menudo...chewy pork insides. YUM!
music: Say It Ain't So - Weezer
literature: Back Roads- Tawni O'Dell and the Building A Mystery - The Sarah Mclachlan Story for my English proj.
site: Oblivious Fuck Quite an interesting personal site. If you're religious, have fun!
raves: God bless 3 day weekends! I feel my arms gettin' "swol" after having worked out, now that basketball season is over.
rants: Damn Valentines Day, Tendonitis, the sick homework load that I have this marvelous 3 day weekend, and my poor stubbed middle finger. I really need to get out of the house. Will someone get me out of the house?

Application To Be Jinra's Valentine
No more crappy Valentines on Valentine's Day for Jinra! Answer these and send it here at your own risk. I'll let you know if you're accepted. Muahaha, enjoy the abridged version of the application. And yeah, I'm semi serious about it.

1. Can you cook? List your specialties:

2. Your idea of quality time is:
a) Monday night football.
b) sleeping
c) latte and poetry night at some coffee house

3. Do you play an instrument? If yes, what then?

4. How would you spoil me for Valentines Day?

Saturday, February 10, 2001

Dammit I hate blogger, it just got rid of my letter to the Make A Wish Foundation. What does Jinra wish? Jinra wishes to marry Brandon Boyd because...she could die or something.
Valentines Day is way too close. Dammit.
My poor finger it hurts, I'm having problems typing anything involving the middle finger, so if I misspell something, it's cuz I'm lazy and my poor finger hurts. I stubbed it while playing basketball with middled aged black men at LA Fitness. I'd probably need to take half a tablet of aspirin for it. I still have an ass load of homework to do, and it's a 3 day weekend. I really should be out having a picnic or something, but I'm SO the nerd. It shall never end.

Letter to the Make A Wish Foundation
To Whom Ever It May Concern;
Hi. My name is Jinra. I'm a 16 year old girl living in a under privileged area of Southern California. There aren't many cute boys around because they're all taken or stupid, and I'm doomed with ugliness for most of my adolescent life. I was wondering if I could make a wish because I'm so damn pathetic. My wish is: To kill Brandon Boyd's girlfriend, marry him, and have his babies. Now that isn't too hard? Doctors say I could die ...something like that. Oh and I'd like to be on one of your infomercials one day. Thanks for your time! Love Always-Jinra

Friday, February 09, 2001

Here I am lamenting over college....I've actually begun my research on anything college related. What inspired all this? I accepted the internship. I got my grades as well back for 1st semester....I have a 3.9 gpa. THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME! I get gyped an extra point! There really should be some kind of rule that if someone has a gpa really close to a 4.0, yet they have a 3.9 leaning towards the 4.0, they should just raise it up to a 4.0 But NOOO. This won't happen again, I swear. I'm going to be real good this semester about my school work. I'm starting now since it's a 3 day weekend and I got lots of time. I'm gonna start by cleaning my room inside out....and then i'll crack the books. For some reason I work better when everything is clean. I don't know I'm a freak. But dude, I will do better at school, cuz I know I can.
I resolve to do the same thing for basketball, despite the fact that it's over for now....our last game was today. Now that I look back on my performance during the season....I didn't do so well. So definitly, I'm hitting LA Fitness to workout and focus on basketball.
No more laziness or sloppiness.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Wow, I haven't posted in quite awhile....DISCIPLINE I tell ya! Discipline! But you know the same old story, it's either school or basketball going on, or I'm just too damn lazy.

It's funny how today someone tried to kill the President by crossing the lawn with a gun at about noon, my time. What does that say about our president? I don't really remember hearing about people trying to kill the president by crossing the lawn.But oh well, whatever.

Does anyone understand Chemistry? I don't. We're studying mole conversions, and quite frankly...I DON'T GET IT. And ironically, my chemistry teacher asked to speak with me and my friend Margaret before we went to do a lab...and she wanted to see us because she had an oppurtunity for us to be interns for a Environmental Engineer at Chapman University.......I mean the whole deal sounded great, you get experience working in a lab, it brightens up your college application, there's a possibility of getting paid, and it's especially nice if you want a job in chemistry...but I turned that down. Why Jinra Why? Because, chemistry really isn't my bag (although my teacher claims that I'm doing an excellent job in there) and I have no clue as to what I wanna do in the future and it's eating away at me. I get sick of thinking of what I want to be. There's a side of me that says, wow Jinra, go for it, sounds like a great deal! And there's another part of me that goes....Jinra you'll hate it, you probably won't end up doing that as a career. My teacher said, well if you're not interested in chemistry...don't do it. So I said I wasn't and I turned it down. DAMMIT why couldn't it have been an internship to somewhere else that doesn't have to do with chemistry or math or any field I hate? Why don't I know what I wanna do yet?
I really need help. Tell me what you think.

I guess it's official, since I'm so pathetic, I've developed a newfound obsession for Brandon Boyd. But that's normal for me...and what's scary is that I can justify that.